RAILFORUM 2019 will be held on 26th September in Kouvola, Finland

The Programme of RAILFORUM 2019 –seminar is under development and will be published at the end of January 2019.

The RAILFORUM 2019 will be focused on the latest developments on the New Silk Road between North Europe and Asia.

The day is about high-class speeches, fresh aspects, useful contacts and investment possibilities in the field.

We hope to meet you at the event!




Release, free for publication at 10 am, 28.9.2017


Whilst opening the Railforum 2017 seminar, the Mayor of Kouvola, Marita Toikka, told that freight container rail transportation from Kouvola to Xian, China, will start in week 45.

”Kouvola offers a new concept for logistics: a competitive fast transportation corridor between Asia and Northern Europe, as well as an efficient and modern intermodal terminal, whereby the mode of transport can be flexibly changed. Regular scheduled freight container rail transportation from Kouvola to Xian will start in week 45.”

The new route brings efficiency and a competitive advantage as Kouvola provides the possibility to handle special length freight container trains, over a kilometre long. Rail transportation provides a truly competitive and fast alternative to Asian maritime freight container transportation and opens up completely new opportunities for companies and operators in the sector. With regards to the EU, Kouvola is also Finland’s only rail terminal to belong to the core transportation network.

”The city of Kouvola wants to invest in the logistics sector, especially in the development of railway logistics and will enable it to also grow in the future. We are proud that Kouvola is presently a modern, international freight transportation centre”, Marita Toikka told.

The Railforum 2017 seminar will involve more than 200 people from dozens of countries, as well as hundreds of companies or organizations. Expert speeches and discussions will provide the industry's most up-to-date information on railway hubs, the Railgate Finland transportation corridor between northern Europe and Asia, as well as intermodal and smart logistics.


Additional information:

Martti Husu
Managing director, Kouvola Innovation Oy
+358 20 615 1353

Simo Paivinen
Development director. Kouvola Innovation Oy
+358 20 615 6364

email: firstname.secondname@kinno.fi




September 28th 2017

Railgate - smart connection

WELCOME to the international railway seminar held in Kouvola, the logistical junction between the west and the east.

The RAILFORUM 2017 seminar brings together experts of railway logistics from all over the world. The day is about high-class speeches, fresh aspects, useful contacts and investment possibilities in the field.

The RAILFORUM is focused on the themes:
Railway hubs and corridors from Asia to Europe
Intermodal and smart logistics


Entrance fee for one (1) participant is €372 (including 24% VAT) if registration is done by 30 June 2017.

The fee for one (1) participant is €496 (including 24% VAT) from 1 July 2017.

The last day to register is September 19th 2017.

There are also corporate packages available.